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Written by I Teach UK Private Tuition on December 24, 2012. Posted in Educational News

One of the most popular gifts topping the Christmas lists this year is a computer. Computers have become a staple part of most households, whether used for school work, household finances, buying gifts or simply keeping in touch with friends. Computers are one of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment you will ever buy.

Computer Courses Wigan

Technology is changing on a day to day basis and the average age of a computer user is becoming younger and younger. Don’t get left behind as the technology changes, keep up to date with all the latest developments by attending an I Teach-UK computer courses Wigan. At I Teach UK, we offer a range of courses suitable for the complete beginner who just wants to make the odd purchase through ebay, right through to experienced web developers wanting to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation.

With the average age of computer users becoming younger and younger, one of the most worrying aspects of owning a computer is internet safety, and knowing what your children are up to. It is impossible for a parent to monitor their children at all times when using the internet, so it is important for parents to understand the tools available for helping to keep their child safe online. It is no good trying to help your child if you don’t understand the new technology yourself. At I Teach UK, one of our most popular computer courses Wigan is a ‘Parents Guide To Internet Safety’ course. This is run by an experienced Computer Science graduate, who is also a parent. This allows him to share your worries about internet safety, but he can also show you how to minimise the risks.

I Teach UK Computer Courses

At I Teach UK, our computer courses Wigan are offered at our Wigan study centre, where you will be guided through your learning with the aid of a large interactive Smartboard to demonstrate what you should be seeing on your screen. We also offer private tutoring sessions in your own home with your own equipment. Our services can be extended beyond tutoring to setting up new equipment and home networks etc.

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