Private Tuition Courses Wigan

private tuition courses

At I Teach-UK we offer a range of individually tailored, private tuition courses and home tuition courses to suit your individual needs.

Private Tuition Courses

Our team of specialist tutors offer private tuition in Maths, English, Science and ICT. Private tuition courses in Wigan are available from early years, through each of the key stages and includes adults. They are individually designed to meet the needs of the tutee and their personal aspirations. Students opting for private tuition courses in Wigan are taught on a one to one basis in a focused environment. The experience is intensive, but allows for very rapid progression and is ideal when studying for specific exams or on a weekly basis to ensure that the necessary depth of understanding has been achieved to access the higher grades. Equally, private tuition courses in Wigan are also suitable for those needing a little extra support to establish firm foundations from which they can build their knowledge. I Teach-UK also offer specially designed adult private tuition courses so that as a parent you have the necessary skills to help your child progress. Private tuition courses can take place at our centre in Wigan or in your own home. Select the subject area you are interested in to find out more or contact us via phone/text on 07928 082748 or use the contact us form here.

Home Tuition courses

Home tuition courses offer all the advantages of private tuition courses, but in the comfort of your own home. Home tuition courses in Wigan are ideal if you don’t have transport or are unable to leave your home due to personal commitments. Home tuition courses in Wigan also offer the ideal setting for younger students who may be nervous away from home.

Small Group Tuition

Private tuition courses and home tuition courses can become costly, particularly in large families. A cheaper alternative would be to attend one of our weekly small group classes. With a maximum of 6 students of similar ability in each class, it offers a private tuition course experience without the associated costs. Based at our centre, in Wigan, we offer small group courses in Maths Tuition, English Tuition, Science Tuition and ICT Tuition. Aimed at older students studying towards their GCSE’s, small group courses offer a focused study session with like minded individuals.


To discuss your needs further call/text 07928 082748 or use our contact us page here.