English Tuition in Wigan

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Being able to read and write is absolutely fundamental to learning all other subjects. It has been recognised at government level that increasing our level of literacy impacts on achievement in all subject areas and on future career aspirations. I Teach-UK offers a range of private English tuition in Wigan, and group English tuition courses to deepen your understanding of English. Focussing on early years and grasping the basics of reading, writing, spelling and independent learning skills. English tuition starts with the student becoming confident with familiar work, before moving on to discover new work, often at a faster pace than traditional schooling. By starting at a young age and visiting our centre with a parent/carer, it helps to foster good independent study skills, which will help them to achieve throughout their educational career. English tuition can also be combined with maths tuition for a more fulfilling educational experience.

Private English Tuition in Wigan

Older students who didn’t understand the basics of English when they were first taught often fall behind in other subjects. This is usually due to not being able to understand written exam questions, or being unable to express their answers in a written form, as opposed to not understanding the subject. These students often express themselves really well verbally, showing the necessary depth of understanding to achieve the higher grades, but end up with poor exam results as a result of poor English skills. At I Teach science we aim to rectify this by offering English tuition in Wigan. English tuition at this point can prevent them from falling behind and can be offered via small group English tuition or private English tuition. The small group English tuition in Wigan offers a cost effective way to have private English tuition. A maximum of 6 students are grouped together based on ability, which allows lots of one to one interactions without the pressure of being the only student. It also fosters discussion between students which in itself is an excellent English tuition tool. Sessions can be targeted at understanding exam style questions in other subjects such as science, making the experience doubly rewarding. English is a universal subject which needs to be understood to achieve in any subject and achieve the grades necessary to secure their college place.

Adult Private English Tuition in Wigan

English tuition is not the limited the young. Adults need to be able to understand the world around them and use their own knowledge to encourage and enthuse their children. Whether you just want to help your kids, be able to understand the ‘small print’ or ensure that job application forms are filled in correctly, I Teach-UK can offer private English tuition to meet your individual needs. Private English tuition can take place in your own home or if you prefer at our centre. Delivered by professionals, we can tailor a program of study to suit your own personal needs in a comfortable adult only environment.

English Tutors in Wigan

GCSE English is probably one of the most commonly required types of home tuition requested by Wigan students and parents but certainly not the only course! At I Teach-UK we have local tutors in Wigan who are able to help those ragardless of ability who are starting to learn the basics of  pre school English, primary level English and adult classes. The English tutors registered with I Teach UK can help you or your child develop confidence to get through English GCSEs, literacy tests, entrance exams and more. If you are looking for a Wigan English tutor, I Teach UK is one of the only websites that allows you to ask questions directly to your assigned English tutor through your very own private student area or even allow parents to monitor the childs progress with a dedicated parent login page. I Teach UK knows that English literacy and grammar can be a tough to comprehend, with that in mind hopefully we can make the search for an English tutor in the Wigan area an easier task and put you on the right road to gaining the knowledge needed to succeed!

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