I Teach UK New Years Resolutions

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Whats your new years resolution? Lose weight? Stop smoking? Eat healthy? Join a gym? These are all good for your health, but most cost a lot of money. Therefore the best new years resolution that you could have for yourself or your children is to develop good study habits, which in turn lead to better qualifications, a better paid job which will allow you to enjoy your life and be healthier. This can be achieved by joining a Maths, English or Science courses Wigan with I Teach UK.

I Teach UK

I Teach UK is owned and run by a qualified and experienced teacher, who can adapt courses to suit the students learning style. I Teach UK Wigan offers a range of private tutoring courses at our study centre in Wigan away from all the distractions of family and home. Alternatively, I Teach UK Wigan offers home tutoring in the comfort of your own surroundings. As a further alternative, we also offer small group classes and drop in sessions. I Teach UK Science, English and Maths courses Wigan cater for old and young alike. Although the majority of our students at I Teach UK are studying towards GCSE exams in Maths, English and Science these courses have also been adapted to offer maths in the real world, reading and writing development as well as computer courses for adults who either want to learn more, or want to improve their job prospects in the New Year.

Science, English & Maths Courses

So, what are you going to do in 2013? Waste your money on gym membership, when you could achieve similar results just by walking the dog. Or instead, join a Maths, English or Science course it I Teach UK and improve your life long chances by improving your education. The choice is yours to make a difference this year and change your life for the better with a positive impact.

Rudolph Helps Wigan Science Tutoring

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At I Teach UK we not only offer Wigan Science tutoring to help to prepare your child for science exams, we also try to enthuse your child and help them to engage with Science in everyday life. We do this by using relevant everyday events to assist in the teaching of scientific principles.

Christmas Science Classes Wigan

At this time of year, all thoughts are of Christmas. This can be used to help students understand scientific principles. For example using Rudolph the red nosed reindeer to explore biology.

Scientists from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and the University of Rochester in New York have discovered that in a reindeers nose, there are 25% more blood capillaries which carry red oxygen rich blood.

In colder climates and also when they are higher up in the atmosphere pulling Santa’s sleigh, the increase in blood flow in the nose will help keep the nose’s surface warm

Their results showed reindeer noses do turn a rosy red; after a treadmill test, the reindeer’s nose showed up as red (warm) in a thermographic image. In addition, they found gland-like structures in the nasal mucous membrane of reindeer and humans; the structures were surrounded by capillaries, and the researchers suspect, at least in humans, they secrete mucus.This gives some credibility to the age old stories of a reindeer with a glowing red nose guiding Santa’s sleigh on a foggy night.

Stories like this help to engage students and they can lead to a discussion of the circulatory system, which in turn leads to a deeper understanding of a topic that is covered by many exam boards.

Science Tutors Wigan

At I Teach UK, we use a diverse range of teaching methods to engage and enthuse students about the topics they are studying. This has a dramatic impact on grades due to the student wanting to learn more.  Contact us today to see how our Wigan science tutoring classes by professional science tutors can help students achieve full potential in upcoming exams.

Computer Courses Wigan for Christmas Computers

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One of the most popular gifts topping the Christmas lists this year is a computer. Computers have become a staple part of most households, whether used for school work, household finances, buying gifts or simply keeping in touch with friends. Computers are one of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment you will ever buy.

Computer Courses Wigan

Technology is changing on a day to day basis and the average age of a computer user is becoming younger and younger. Don’t get left behind as the technology changes, keep up to date with all the latest developments by attending an I Teach-UK computer courses Wigan. At I Teach UK, we offer a range of courses suitable for the complete beginner who just wants to make the odd purchase through ebay, right through to experienced web developers wanting to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation.

With the average age of computer users becoming younger and younger, one of the most worrying aspects of owning a computer is internet safety, and knowing what your children are up to. It is impossible for a parent to monitor their children at all times when using the internet, so it is important for parents to understand the tools available for helping to keep their child safe online. It is no good trying to help your child if you don’t understand the new technology yourself. At I Teach UK, one of our most popular computer courses Wigan is a ‘Parents Guide To Internet Safety’ course. This is run by an experienced Computer Science graduate, who is also a parent. This allows him to share your worries about internet safety, but he can also show you how to minimise the risks.

I Teach UK Computer Courses

At I Teach UK, our computer courses Wigan are offered at our Wigan study centre, where you will be guided through your learning with the aid of a large interactive Smartboard to demonstrate what you should be seeing on your screen. We also offer private tutoring sessions in your own home with your own equipment. Our services can be extended beyond tutoring to setting up new equipment and home networks etc.

For more information about our computer courses Wigan call or text on 07928 082748

School Classroom Management At Christmas

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At I Teach UK we realise it is not easy to keep Christmas out of  school classroom management. A teachers temptation to ease off the exam preparation or to simply give up keeping students on target is enormous at this time of year. The season of goodwill to all can act as a solvent to good intentions, as across the North West including schools in Wigan, lessons dissolve into games and reluctant DVD screenings of the latest Twilight film or Ice Age 4.

This can also be same for a private tutor in Wigan keeping a student focused, however at I Teach UK  realise in order to maintain momentum until the last minute, it does not mean they have to turn into Scrooge and ignore the season entirely. If there is a time of the year where it is possible for a tutor to incorporate sentiments of good will and compassion into lessons more, then we have yet to discover it whether in or out of school.

Here are a teachers and private tutors ghosts of Christmas past, present and future…

Students are at school to be educated which does not mean that they can not have a bit of fun too, but a teacher has to consider the consequences of caving in to the pupils festive demands of ease and inactivity. The hardest thing for a teacher to deal with at this time is the knowledge that every other teacher in every other classroom is potentially playing Disney films. Students will howl and yelp at a teacher and then it’s a nightmare keeping them focused and on target. Every year at most schools it seems like a race to see which teacher can pack in the lessons first, sometimes weeks before the end of term. With every little bit of exam preparation being critical at this time of year many parents would be shocked if they knew the battles teachers faced keeping pupils on track.

Teachers need to consider the poor attenders, especially at this time of year some kids struggle with coming to school at all. Coming to school is a clear path to a good education, so what does it look like to them if they know that when they turn up to school all they do is watch the first half of three films, do a word search, and then go back home? It looks very much like a waste of time and even justifies more so the reason why they should not turn up. Keeping the best parts of Christmas within the classroom management strategy, from the sharing to the spirit in school lessons or private tutoring courses in Wigan means that all teachers and tutors can give the best gift of all this Christmas which is a good education wrapped up in a fun and informative lesson.

Learning Styles For Private Tutoring

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Is one to one private tutoring suitable for all?

When grades in school start to fluctuate or when pushing to achieve the higher grades, many parents turn to a private tutor from a company such as I Teach UK. But is this the best solution? Students learn in many different ways, most of which are difficult to recreate in a one to one situation, even with the best private tutor.

The Seven Learning Styles

  • Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
  • Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
  • Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
  • Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
  • Logical (mathematical): You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.
  • Social (interpersonal): You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
  • Solitary (intrapersonal): You prefer to work alone and use self-study.

Your learning styles have more influence than you may realise. Your preferred styles guide the way you learn. They also change the way you internally represent experiences, the way you recall information, and even the words you choose. Research shows us that each learning style uses different parts of the brain. By involving more of the brain during learning, we remember more of what we learn.

I Teach UK

At I Teach UK, we try to address the learning needs of all our students. We do this by offering small group tutoring sessions alongside the more traditional private tutoring. This caters for the social learners. We also make regular use of an interactive Smartboard at our tutoring centre in Wigan to cater for the auditory and visual learners, and offer drop in sessions for the solitary learners.

As shown by research, involving more of the brain during learning, leads to students remembering more of what we learn. By offering a range of courses, we believe that I Teach UK private tutoring courses in Wigan is perfectly suited to helping your child achieve their full potential.


Multimedia Learning For Private Tutoring

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Within our current education system in Wigan and Greater Manchester area, a growing number of schools and colleges are now using multimedia tools to teach students within the classroom. Some teachers believe that multimedia applications help to increase the levels of concentration of the student and make the learning process more fun and interesting. With the use of multimedia learning resources intellectual discussions can develop and facilitate a more open platform for knowledge to be shared amongst students. Ideas and opinions can be exchanged in a more informative learning environment. Teachers can also participate in these discussions and provide valuable advice to students on a particular topic or assignment.

Another relatively new multimedia resource being adopted by Teachers is online educational videos. These are proving to be a great help to teachers allowing them to interpret a particularly tricky subject in sound and pictures rather than the traditional text book recitals.

What Are Multimedia Resources ?

Interactive multimedia tutor resources weaves five basic types of media into the tutoring learning environment: text, video, sound, graphics and animation. Multimedia tutoring resources simply combines these elements into a single powerful tool, especially in the hands of I Teach UK tutors and students. Since the method of learning is primarily interactive rather than linear, students or tutors can decide what topic to investigate next. For example, a student does not start on the first page of a text book or any other linear document and read to the end in one sitting. Multimedia learning is more like constructing an interactive spider’s web, with one topic linked to another, allowing choices in the students path to learning.

The multimedia technologies that have had the greatest impact in private tutoring are those that include the existing curriculum taught in schools, allowing both immediate enhancement and encouraging further curriculum development. For example, the internet serves as an endless storage of information that individual learners can search for subject matter content that specifically fits their learning agendas. Multimedia applications for computers have been developed for single computing platforms such as the PC, Apple Mac and games machines in order to have a single point to access multiple learning paths allowing for more focussed learning.

I Teach UK Private Tutoring Resources

I Teach UK private tutors in Wigan primarily require access to the best private tutoring resources, which can support learning and development by students in a variety of ways to meet individual educational needs. The development of various multimedia technologies for learning offers new ways in which tutoring can take place in our learning centre and in your home. Enabling our tutors to have access to various multimedia learning resources, which support constructive concept development, allows the tutor to focus more on being a facilitator of learning while working with individual students. At I Teach UK we believe extending the use of multimedia learning resources to the home represents a great opportunity with the potential to improve student learning. Contact us today for more information of the private tutoring courses available to students in Wigan and Greater Manchester.

1 in 15 Students Pass Five Exams Including GCSE Maths

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A shockingly low number of just one in 15 (6.5%)of pupils starting secondary school in England “behind” for their age goes on to get five good GCSEs including GCSE English and GCSE Maths, official data shows. This data was published by the government as part of the secondary school league tables.

GCSE Maths & GCSE English Exam Benchmarks

Nationally 58.2% of pupils reach the five good GCSEs benchmark. Minister Nick Gibb said schools which let pupils down would be tackled.

The data published by the Department for Education covers over 5000 secondary schools in England. Four times as much data has been published about each one, compared with last year.

Much of the information is broken down by pupil type, with scores offered for low, medium and high-attaining pupils, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as non-disadvantaged.

Students from disadvantaged backgrounds (those on free school meals or in local authority care) do less well than those from non-disadvantaged backgrounds. Bottom of Form

Only a third (34%) of these students achieve the government’s benchmark of five GCSEs – or equivalent qualifications – graded A* to C, including English and Maths.

In 909 schools, not one low-attaining pupil (those who did not reach Level 4 at the end of primary school) reached this threshold.

At the other end of the spectrum, 95% of pupils who started school “ahead” for their age (achieving Level 5 at the end of primary school) got five good GCSEs, including English and maths.

And of those who started school at the expected level for their age, (Level 4 at the end of primary school) some 45.6% failed to progress to five good GCSEs.

Overall, 58.2% of pupils in England’s state schools got five good GCSEs including English and maths (including equivalent qualifications).

With these shocking statistics it shows how vital it is to ensure that your child is reaching their full potential at a much younger age.

Many parents turn to private tuition to try and boost GCSE results in the last couple of years of school, but this government report highlights that this may be too late, and early intervention might be a better option.

If students had a private tutor from a younger age, and achieved a higher level when leaving primary school,, then it is statistically shown that they will be more likely to achieve five good grades at GCSE including Maths and English.

This could also impact on the finances of their parents who are paying considerable sums of money for last minute private tutoring, which may be too late.

I Teach-UK Exam Preparation

I Teach-UK can help combat these worrying findings by offering tailored courses for primary age students. This can range from private tutoring in your own home, or at our Wigan study centre away from distractions. I Teach-UK also offers small group sessions as a cost effective way of boosting performance without the cost of private tutoring and exam preparation assistance.