Wigan Maths Tutors Getting Parents Involved

Written by I Teach UK Private Tutors on February 2, 2013. Posted in Private Tuition News

At I Teach-UK maths tutors get parents to also be involved in the development of their child’s private tutoring. The secure Parent Zone login area is proving a real hit as more parents are logging in to see how their child is progressing with their maths tutoring. With the valuable feedback given on a weekly basis by the maths tutor it enables the parent to be in tune with what additional support they can give outside of the normal private tutoring sessions.

Learning Maths Made Easy

Learning maths is often one of  the most difficult subjects for a student whether it be  primary, secondary or higher education. But good maths skills does not stop when we leave school as it is also one of the most valuable skills that we use regularly in our daily lives. Whether it is ranging from budgeting for the family expenses to applying the appropriate maths in whatever profession we are involved in. In other words, it is one of the most important subjects to learn to succeed in life, yet maths is also one of the most difficult subject to learn. I Teach UK can make learning maths easy and fun meaning that learning maths does not become a chore but instead an enjoyable experience. I Teach UK can help adults and children alike to learn valuable life skills to help with their day to day lives. So you never need to worry about understanding APR, VAT or even mortgage interest rates as our fully qualified teachers will make learning maths easy for you.

Parents Supporting Maths Tutors

Obtaining the support of a Wigan maths tutor could be just the tonic needed to address  the problem of your child’s difficulties in comprehending their School maths lessons. However paying private tuition fees for a maths tutor does not necessarily mean your child will be able to bring home high grades in maths. Apart from hiring a qualified maths tutor and leaving your child’s learning to them, parents still have the responsibility to be on top of their child’s development. Recent studies have shown that parent’s involvement contributes to a better understanding of a child’s education. This does not necessarily mean that mums or dads should be an expert in maths to assist their child, but teaching just the basic knowledge in maths such as addition, division, multiplication and subtraction can contribute the to the child’s mathematical ability and thus giving them more confidence to face more challenging lessons that will be handled by the maths tutor. As a parent, it would be best to personally get involved in teaching maths to your kids even on just the basics. With this regular practice, paying a tuition fee for a maths tutor will certainly have its rewards not just for you but for your child but for the parents also.