Hi, my name is Helen.    

Hi, my name is Helen, the founder of I Teach UK

"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. I Teach-UK provides the knowledge today to achieve your full potential tomorrow."

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I Teach UK Private Tuition

Investing in private tuition can put you on the right path to a prosperous future. In this day and age, exam results are becoming increasingly important for entering your chosen profession. Having worked for many years in mainstream education, I discovered that individual students learn at different rates and in different ways, with the most successful students developing independent learning skills. This was very difficult to achieve in a traditional classroom setting. This led me to start I Teach UK, which offers a personalised tutoring experience for those struggling to achieve their best exam results. I Teach UK offers a range of private tuition in Wigan & Bolton from weekly sessions at your home or our custom built learning centre, to intensive week long exam preparation courses.

Private Tuition & Group Tuition in Wigan

Although private tuition is a very effective method, the costs involved in private tuition can become prohibitive, particularly in large families. As an alternative, I Teach UK offers small group tuition in Wigan of up to six students of similar ability. This allows lots of one to one interactions at a reduced price. The best students develop independent learning skills, as we always offer additional work for the student to take away with them as part of the packages. This is reviewed during the next session. We offer all options for Science, Maths, English and ICT for all ages including adults.

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Wigan Private Tutors & Home Tutors in Wigan

At I Teach UK we have access to a large number of specialist private tutors in Wigan & Bolton. These private tutors offer private tuition in your own home to GCSE and A level standard, alongside supporting students with exam preparation using exam board specific past papers. Most are currently in mainstream education or fully qualified retired teachers. Our Wigan home tutors are prepared to travel, to offer private tuition within your own home. They can be found by searching for the specialist subject and the area that you live in. Or, simply call us today to discuss your individual GCSE and A Level needs on 07928 082748.


Maths Tutoring, Science Tutoring & English Tutoring

Additional tuition from I Teach UK is beneficial for children of all abilities whether its help in understanding or exam preparation, both children and parents can reap the rewards in the long run. Some children who excel in their class in science, maths and English may be withheld additional learning due to the learning group that they are in this is where private tutoring can help progress the child to achieve more. Other children who need extra help and assistance with specific elements of the subjects, or children who have learning disabilities that challenge in the classroom, can also be helped by tutors in Science, Maths and English.

At I Teach UK additional English classes can teach focus and help to improve literacy, including reading, writing and spelling. English tutors can also help the child to develop a strong awareness and interest in reading books and literature at an early age, both non-fiction and fiction, using popular, tried and tested authors who engage children and captures their imagination.

Maths tutoring form I Teach UK includes learning topics such as basic arithmetics and numeracy whilst at the same time teaching problem solving, which helps children to become involved and motivated about their Maths tutor.

A child may have more tuition in maths, science or English to help really accelerate their learning abilities. Some children may find it difficult at school to learn easily and may have trouble keeping up with other children in class who may, over time, knock their confidence. Having extra tuition classes with Maths, Science and English tutors can also help build the capacity of a child's learning and ability. With tuition in Maths, English and Science more and more attention can be given to students with tutors helping children self-confidence. At I Teach UK we believe boosting a students self-esteem can mean they can go on to learn more and become more confident in their own abilities.

If a child has a learning disability, particularly with the particular type of learning, tuition can really give a chance to the child to focus on these problem areas and the tutor can help the child overcome the challenges they face. I Teach UK tutors will also encourage children's to learn at their own pace so that they can fully collaborate across problem areas and improve. Tutors at I Teach UK are fully trained and competent to maximize and encourage learning potential of each child, regardless of their capabilities. Often in school classrooms other children can be very distracting, which affects the learning ability of your child. In a more targeted environment, private tuition can be delivered at a higher level therefore improving the concentration of the child and help to accelerate their learning.

At I Teach UK we believe additional tuition encourages children to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem with frequent and regular encouragement, rewards and recognition motivates children to do better and learn more.

For English, Science and maths tuition, clear and achievable targets and benchmarking is essential for successful outcomes. This allow parents to measure the performance of their child and establish clear criteria throughout the period of tutoring to be able to monitor and evaluate the progress of children's learning, and assess whether special attention should be diverted to specific areas of the object.

Tuition Costs

Private tuition in your own home from £25 per hour

Private tuition at our Wigan Learning Centre from £20 per hour

Small group tuition (max 6 students) from £12.50 per hour

Easter classes now available at £15 per class (max 6 students) or £25 for 2 classes

For group sessions, there is a registration fee of £15, which includes set up of a secure parent / student login to your personal learning zone and a discussion of learning needs

GCSE Tuition & AS Tuition

Specialist private tutors offer private tuition to GCSE level in your own home. Our private tutors offer exam board specific private tuition to meet the needs of the individual student. Ensure that you get the grades needed for your chosen A Level college courses by calling us today.


Our tutors offer a personalised program of study alongside past paper exam questions to ensure depth of understanding and exam technique. The private tuition offered is tailored to meet your specific needs. The private tutors offering tuition to A Level are experienced teachers or specialists in their field, so can offer the necessary depth of understanding required for advanced level and beyond. Don’t let poor A level results prevent you from achieving your chosen career or University course. Call us today on 07928 082748.