Private Tuition Resources

private tuition courses
At I Teach-UK we utilise a range of private tuition resources to enhance the learning experience. Interactive activities make the learning fun and enjoyable, whilst worksheets can be levelled to ensure that they meet the students needs. Exam board specific past papers and mark schemes are used extensively when preparing students for external exams.

Past Exam Papers

As part of our private tuition resources, we always stock full past papers for all the major UK exam boards, alongside a bank of past paper questions that have been levelled and divided in to topic areas, so can be given as specific past paper practice for a subject area. This is particularly important when preparing for external exams. Past paper questions are also used as a useful assessment tool, to judge the progress made by individual students and to see if they need more consolidation work before moving on. Past paper mark schemes are used to help students to become familiar with the key terms and phrases that the examiners are looking for when marking exams. This leads to higher exam grades being achieved. All registered students have access to our secure area containing tuition resources, worksheets and past papers whilst using our tuition services.

Private Tuition Worsheets

An integral part of the learning experience is practising what you have learned. This is done using worksheets. The worksheets that we provide are levelled to ensure that they meet the needs of the student. Worksheets can be completed at our centre and used as tuition resources and taken home to practice before your next tutoring session. For students that are progressing more quickly than expected, we provide access to our secure area containing tuition resources, worksheets and past papers. This ensures that there is always work available for independent learners wanting to progress.