Maths Tuition For The Real World

Written by I Teach UK Private Tutors on January 11, 2013. Posted in Private Tuition News

At I Teach UK we know that Maths has a bad reputation when it comes to all of the subjects of learning within Wigan Schools. Ask most students what their least favourite subject is and mostly likely the majority of them will tell you that maths is one they dread the most. Admittedly, maths just like learning a foreign language can be very difficult. It has its own vocabulary in the form of signs and symbols that many people find disconcerting.

Maths In The Real World

The philosophy at I Teach UK is to follow the concept that having a good maths tutor in school or by having extra maths tuition after school with a private maths tutor over the course of your education can demystify this “foreign language” and put it into a context of everyday life. As a simplistic example, looking at the maths “sentence” 2+2=4 might look strange to someone who has never seen this “language” before. But with the proper maths tuition, such as placing two apples and two oranges next to one another on a table and showing a visual representation of the problem, students can acquire a more firm grasp of maths in the real world.

I Teach UK Wigan Maths Tutors

When tutoring a new student it is always important for Wigan maths tutors to stretch his or her imagination and bring maths off the pages of the textbook and into the real world with examples of how students can use it and apply it in their lives.  It is especially important in instilling basic examples of how maths is essential in their lives, like learning to balance their pocket money and managing their paper round or Saturday job wages.

I Teach UK maths tutors take all of these elements into account and can make learning maths less of a chore for the student. Why not visit the private tuition courses Wigan page on the website to find out more about the courses held at the Wigan Study Centre or ask a question by sending our fully qualified teachers a message on the contact us page. If you are looking for tutors in other subjects we also run courses for Science, English and Computing. Contact us today for more information.