Educational Technologies For Private Tuition

Written by I Teach UK Private Tutors on January 13, 2013. Posted in Private Tuition News

Will the use of computers in private tuition classrooms change how we educate children? Can educational technology lead to improved student achievement? Studies show computer based instruction can personalise tutoring and give instant feedback to students, even clearing up the right answer. The computer is infinitely tolerant and liberal, thus motivating students to continue with their private tuition. It has been observed that students usually learn more in less time when they get computer based instruction. Students like their private tuition more and build up more positive attitudes toward computers when their private tutoring classes take in computer based instruction.

Audio Learning Based Private Tuition

Students who prefer to hear what is being taught can remember verbal instructions without recording them. For these types of students, technologies such as a stereo are very beneficial. Stereos can be used in language classes to help the student recite phrases and such, in order to better understand. The ability to use a stereo in language classes allows students to hear the proper pronunciation of words and phrases.

Visual Learning With I Teach UK

Private tutoring technology is great for visual learners because it allows for the students to see what is going on. Sometimes words are not enough for a student to fully understand a concept, and technology can get over this barrier. Multimedia such as a television or an interactive smart board is very helpful to visual learners. The students see what is going on, and their attention is held because they are more interested. Interactive smartboards are great for the visual learners because the tutor can write what they are saying down, and the students can see the words instead of simply having to listen. Interactive smart boards are better than a chalk board because they allow students all around the room to see what is being written, and the words can be made larger so the students don’t have to strain their eyes. Power point presentations are also really valuable to visual learners because they display the information in an animated way, which can captivate the students. Computers allow the students to see what is being typed at the very moment. With products such as Microsoft Word, the student can see the spelling and grammatical errors they have made when typing. They can see what they did wrong immediately, and so they can fix the problem.

Kinesthetic Learning Based Private Tutoring

Technology is probably most valuable to kinesthetic learners because kinesthetic learners learn best through using their hands, actually doing what is being taught. Computers are excellent mediums for kinesthetic learners because the only way to learn using a computer is through contact. Computers allow for the student to physically open programs, type and see what is done. For instance, when a paper is finished, the student can print out a copy and have a project that they have completed. Using computers in the classroom makes the student do the work instead of observe what the teacher is doing.

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