Maths Exam Preparation Classes

Written by I Teach UK Private Tutors on February 12, 2013. Posted in Saturday School News

Maths is among those subjects you either love or hate, however a great deal of professions these days require you to have at least a basic knowledge of  maths and quite often request that the employees have achieved at the very least a GCSE Grade C or above in their maths exams. I Teach UK can help you to be ready for your maths exams with our specialist maths exam preparation classes.

Maths Exam Preparation

At I Teach-UK our qualified teachers can help to ensure you get the required grades to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for employees or colleges. Are you one of those who have never quite got your brain around algebra? Our maths tutors take the mystery out of it with step by step private tuition. A good maths tutor has to have a working knowledge of the exam board that your school is working under. Whether it is AQA , OCR or EdExcel at I Teach-UK we have a maths tutor that will be able to assist with your exam preparation.

Maths Saturday School

I Teach-UK  has found that for some students the best way to retain information that is taught is by repeating the information back to a group, this method translates into a 90% retention rate.  This can be accomplished through probing questions used by the tutor and the use of an interactive smart board.  Practice is the next best retention method, which results in about a 75% retention rate.  One way to accomplish this is by completing homework assignments or in class problem discussions.  Ongoing testing and assessments help to ensure that the concepts taught by the maths tutor are being absorbed.

I Teach UK have completed the refurbishment of the learning centre which is fully equipped with an interactive smart board for one on one private tuition or group classes. We currently have a limited number of spaces available for a Maths Saturday School session designed to help students gain valuable subject knowledge and assist with exam preparation for the upcoming exams in the summer. Why not contact us today on 07928 082748 for more information today.