Private Tuition Worksheets

private tuition courses

A vital resource for all private tuition courses is the use of high quality worksheets. Poor quality worksheets can do more harm than good, so at I Teach-UK, we hand pick good quality worksheets that are targeted at a particular level to provide appropriate practise of new skills. The private tuition worksheets are also available through the secure area as a downloadable homework learning resource.

Maths tuition worksheets

The learning of maths can be achieved through practice and repetition. Maths tuition worksheets are a vital resource to ensure that this takes place. Our maths tuition worksheets are levelled and grouped in to topic areas which ensures that we can always find the right maths tuition worksheet to suit your needs.

English tuition worksheets

When delivering English tuition, we use a range of English tuition worksheets, ranging from tuition worksheets on forming letters, to more extensive task sheets used for exam preparation. All our English tuition worksheets are bought from reputable suppliers or written by experienced teachers. This ensures that our English tuition worksheets are good quality and relevant to learning.

Science tuition worksheets

Science is an interesting and exciting subject, which needs to be brought to life. Our science tuition worksheets are adapted to offer a quality learning experience within an interesting context. Science tuition worksheets range from question to case studies and many offer expert guidance on how to answer exam style question. Quality science tuition worksheets are a staple for all science educators.

ICT tuition worksheets

ICT is a very practical based subject. This practical knowledge can be obtained by following the instructions on our ICT tuition worksheets. It also possible to test a students theory knowledge by using quality ICT tuition worksheets.

All our worksheets are available through a secure login and relevant private tuition worksheets are distributed to parents and students by entering your unique protected Student area of the website.