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Written by I Teach UK Private Tuition on November 19, 2012. Posted in Educational News

Traditional educators were over joyed last week with the announcement by the government that they plan to ban the use of calculators at Key Stage 2. Maths tests taken by 11 year olds at the end of primary school will have to be completed purely by using mental arithmetic or by using a pen and paper. Education minister Elizabeth Truss believes that the use of calculators have bred a reliance on technology to complete basic sums.

This move has been challenged by National Numeracy, who believe that although children should be taught the basics of mental arithmetic, banning calculators completely, riks turning children off maths altogether as it limits the extent of interest that can be put in to maths questions.

The current maths curriculum suggests the use of calculators from Year 4, and highlights that students should be helped to decide when it is appropriate to use a calcular, but the proposed new curriculum suggests that calculators should only be used after primary school, and only then, if the basics are secure.

Maths Tuition Courses in Wigan

With this new introduction, it is vitally important that parents ensure that their children are fully equipped with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the new curriculum. I Teach-UK offers maths tuition in Wigan for both students and if required for parents. The use of levelled, timed worksheets used during drop in sessions encourages understanding and application of mental arithmetic, whilst private maths tuition can help students to deepen their understanding. During our maths tuition courses in Wigan we encourage students to attempt all mathematical problems using a logical approach. All students are encouraged to use mental arithmetic/pen and paper, and are taught techniques to use to make these processes simple and understandable. Answers may then be checked with a calculator so that corrections can be completed.

I Teach-UK Maths Tuition

I Teach-UK are currently investigating the use of QAMA calculators for use in our maths tuition courses. These calculators require students to enter an estimation of the answer and will only give them the correct answer if their estimation is close to the true value. This offers students who undertake a maths tuition course at our I Teach-UK centre in Wigan the best of both worlds by being able to use a calculator to assist them with the more interesting questions, but does not lead to a reliance on a calculator thus meeting the requirements of the new curriculum without losing interest.

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