Ofsted Warns Of Gaps In Education

Written by I Teach UK Private Tutors on November 27, 2012. Posted in Educational News

It was reported today that many families chances of having good local schools depended too much on where you live. Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw whilst publishing the annual Ofsted report went as far to say that there were “serious inequalities” for millions of children. Is it right that the basic civil right of a good education should be down to a postcode lottery.

For the first time Ofsted launched a league table ranking local authorities according to how inspectors rated the schools. Here in the north west of the 422 schools contained within this report 23 were graded as outstanding, 42 as good, 31 as satisfactory and 4 were unsatisfactory. These results were lower than the average for England and further highlighted the north / south divide with London, the south west and south east occupying the top three positions. Despite these statistics the report did have a silver lining as schools in Wigan did perform above average with less gaps in education.

The report highlighted that right across their whole primary and secondary education,the chances of a child going to a good or outstanding school and achieving well varies unacceptably between similar local areas. For example, Derby and Doncaster are in the worst performing 20% of all local authority areas in terms of a pupil’s chance of attending a good primary school, and also their chance of attending a good secondary school. Yet a child in Wigan or Darlington has a good chance of attending both a good primary school and a good secondary school, and their exam results reflect this.

A Department for Education spokesman said that “Sir Michael is right that standards in some local authorities are simply not good enough. There are still too many schools that do not provide a good enough education. The government spokesman stated that they make no apology for introducing reforms to drive up standards in schools. Labour’s shadow education secretary, Stephen Twigg, said: “Today’s report shows the results of Labour’s education reforms – including academies and better school leadership. There are half a million more children in good or better schools compared thanks to over a decade of investment and reform.

“However, there remains an arc of underachievement which is holding back too many young people. Even in David Cameron’s backyard of Oxfordshire, there are too many coasting schools. We need to learn from success stories like Wigan and Darlington to understand why other areas are less successful.”

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