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Written by I Teach UK Private Tutors on November 24, 2012. Posted in Saturday School News

Gone are the days when teachers stand in front of a chalk board, with students writing on a slate. The has been a huge movement within schools to have more up to date ICT facilities. Leading this movement is the number of the interactive Smartboard now seen in classrooms. Unfortunately, the speed at which teachers learn how to use the new technology effectively is much slower than the introduction of the technology. This has led to many interactive Smartboards not being used to their full capacity.

Many students are moving to study centres and private tuition to top up their education, but due to cost restrictions, these locations rarely have access to interactive Smartboards. So how can you as a parent ensure that your child has access to the latest technologies to enhance their educational experience?

Smartboard lessons are a perfect way of delivering dynamic information easily. With smartboard lessons Teachers can present material featuring large, vibrant images. Kinesthetic and visual learners will benefit from interacting with smartboard lesson content – moving letters, numbers, words and pictures with their fingers allowing them to be more involved in the learning experience. Smartboard lessons are also great for students with special needs benefit allowing them to see, read and manipulate information more easily.

Private Tuition Courses In Wigan

The I Teach-UK study centre in Wigan, offers a range of private tuition courses in Wigan. It is run by a fully qualified and experienced teacher, and is one of the few private tuition centres which fully utilises an interactive Smartboard to enhance the learning experience. The I Teach-UK study centre in Wigan offers private tuition courses alongside small group tuition in Wigan. Courses include English, Maths, Science and ICT and are tailored to suit from early years, all the way through to adult tuition courses in Wigan. All the courses are fully supported and enhanced by use of an interactive Smartboard, alongside a learning wall which has been coated in ‘Smart paint’ which allows it to be written on and then wiped off.

The use of new technologies makes private tuition courses held at the I Teach-UK study centre in Wigan both stimulating and rewarding. Did you know that we have a small group Saturday School in Wigan teaching children ages 5 – 16 the fundementals of maths, english, science & ICT. To find out more, click here to visit our contact page and register your interest.


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