Times Are Changing in Maths Tuition

Written by I Teach UK Private Tutors on November 10, 2012. Posted in Private Tuition News

There was a time when the times tables were learned through repetition and memory. When larger numbers were thrown in to the mix, it was time to learn long multiplication. These days, new techniques have arisen such as the grid method. This technique is so far removed from traditional long multiplication, that it is almost impossible for parents to assist their child with the learning of maths. At times like this it is vital that parents find a quality study centre that is up to date with the latest techniques to assist their child by offering maths tuition.

Maths tuition in Wigan

At I Teach-UK, our Wigan study centre is owned and run by a fully qualified and experienced teacher. It offers a range of maths tuition courses in Wigan.  This allows students to be helped with the current syllabus that they are studying in school using the latest techniques and technologies. Maths tuition is offered at our Wigan study centre as part of drop in sessions, small group maths tuition and private maths tuition in Wigan. Private maths tuition is also offered in your own home.

Adult Private Maths Tuition in Wigan

Many parents would like to help their child themselves instead of finding someone else to offer maths tuition in Wigan, but with all these new techniques, don’t know where to start. I Teach-UK are able to offer adult private maths tuition either to assist you with building your own knowledge to help with everyday life, or to teach you the latest techniques, so you are able to help your child with maths tuition in Wigan.

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