Quality English Tuition Needed To Avoid Future Riots

Written by I Teach UK Private Tuition on December 4, 2012. Posted in Educational News

Good English Tuition The Key To Teenage Bliss?

A report in to the riots last summer highlights poor literacy skills as a potential trigger. Around one fifth of school leavers have the literacy skills of an 11 year old or younger. The report suggested introducing fines for schools who fail to educate their students to the required standards of good English tuition. The report added:

‘Every child should be able to read and write to an age-appropriate standard by the time they leave primary and then secondary school.

If they cannot, the school should face a financial penalty equivalent to the cost of funding remedial support to take the child to the appropriate standard.’

Schools responded to this through the NAHT.

Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) said:

‘Almost nobody leaves school unable to read. We want them to be able to read better, of course, but even 11-year-old reading skills are sufficient for many jobs and certainly no excuse for rioting.

Fining schools for pupils who can’t read is a ridiculous idea: you are effectively fining the other pupils in the school, as it is money that can’t be spent on them. We should be giving schools extra money to help them invest in reading recovery.’

Is this relevant to English Education in Wigan?

It was less than a year ago when a mob of around 100 youths terrorised staff in McDonalds in Standishgate Wigan.

Do the riots have anything to do with poor English skills? Should schools be blamed? Everyone will have their own opinion. However, just to be on the safe side, I would want my child to have good English skills. If this isn’t happening in their school, then maybe it’s time to find them a good English tutor in Wigan. At I Teach-UK we run a range of English tuition classes in Wigan for both adults and children of all ages. These English tuition classes in Wigan focus on the basics of reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar. These English skills are vitally important at all stages of a persons life. Whether it’s filling in application forms or simply reading restaurant menus, Private English tutoring at I Teach-UK can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Owned and run by an experienced, qualified teacher, at I Teach-UK you can be certain of a quality learning experience.


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