School Classroom Management At Christmas

Written by I Teach UK Private Tuition on December 17, 2012. Posted in Educational News

At I Teach UK we realise it is not easy to keep Christmas out of  school classroom management. A teachers temptation to ease off the exam preparation or to simply give up keeping students on target is enormous at this time of year. The season of goodwill to all can act as a solvent to good intentions, as across the North West including schools in Wigan, lessons dissolve into games and reluctant DVD screenings of the latest Twilight film or Ice Age 4.

This can also be same for a private tutor in Wigan keeping a student focused, however at I Teach UK  realise in order to maintain momentum until the last minute, it does not mean they have to turn into Scrooge and ignore the season entirely. If there is a time of the year where it is possible for a tutor to incorporate sentiments of good will and compassion into lessons more, then we have yet to discover it whether in or out of school.

Here are a teachers and private tutors ghosts of Christmas past, present and future…

Students are at school to be educated which does not mean that they can not have a bit of fun too, but a teacher has to consider the consequences of caving in to the pupils festive demands of ease and inactivity. The hardest thing for a teacher to deal with at this time is the knowledge that every other teacher in every other classroom is potentially playing Disney films. Students will howl and yelp at a teacher and then it’s a nightmare keeping them focused and on target. Every year at most schools it seems like a race to see which teacher can pack in the lessons first, sometimes weeks before the end of term. With every little bit of exam preparation being critical at this time of year many parents would be shocked if they knew the battles teachers faced keeping pupils on track.

Teachers need to consider the poor attenders, especially at this time of year some kids struggle with coming to school at all. Coming to school is a clear path to a good education, so what does it look like to them if they know that when they turn up to school all they do is watch the first half of three films, do a word search, and then go back home? It looks very much like a waste of time and even justifies more so the reason why they should not turn up. Keeping the best parts of Christmas within the classroom management strategy, from the sharing to the spirit in school lessons or private tutoring courses in Wigan means that all teachers and tutors can give the best gift of all this Christmas which is a good education wrapped up in a fun and informative lesson.

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