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Ofsted Warns Of Gaps In Education

Written by I Teach UK Private Tutors on November 27th, 2012. Posted in Educational News

It was reported today that many families chances of having good local schools depended too much on where you live. Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw whilst publishing the annual Ofsted report went as far to say that there were “serious inequalities” for millions of children. Is it right that the basic civil right of a good education should be down to a postcode lottery.

For the first time Ofsted launched a league table ranking local authorities according to how inspectors rated the schools. Here in the north west of the 422 schools contained within this report 23 were graded as outstanding, 42 as good, 31 as satisfactory and 4 were unsatisfactory. These results were lower than the average for England and further highlighted the north / south divide with London, the south west and south east occupying the top three positions. Despite these statistics the report did have a silver lining as schools in Wigan did perform above average with less gaps in education.

The report highlighted that right across their whole primary and secondary education,the chances of a child going to a good or outstanding school and achieving well varies unacceptably between similar local areas. For example, Derby and Doncaster are in the worst performing 20% of all local authority areas in terms of a pupil’s chance of attending a good primary school, and also their chance of attending a good secondary school. Yet a child in Wigan or Darlington has a good chance of attending both a good primary school and a good secondary school, and their exam results reflect this.

A Department for Education spokesman said that “Sir Michael is right that standards in some local authorities are simply not good enough. There are still too many schools that do not provide a good enough education. The government spokesman stated that they make no apology for introducing reforms to drive up standards in schools. Labour’s shadow education secretary, Stephen Twigg, said: “Today’s report shows the results of Labour’s education reforms – including academies and better school leadership. There are half a million more children in good or better schools compared thanks to over a decade of investment and reform.

“However, there remains an arc of underachievement which is holding back too many young people. Even in David Cameron’s backyard of Oxfordshire, there are too many coasting schools. We need to learn from success stories like Wigan and Darlington to understand why other areas are less successful.”

I Teach-UK Private Tuition

I Teach-UK believes that a good education should not be determined by where you live and with the help of private tutors in Wigan, exam preparation study classes can compliment the learning obtained in schools. To register your interest in a tuition course in Wigan visit our contact page now.

Smartboard Lessons at I Teach-UK

Written by I Teach UK Private Tutors on November 24th, 2012. Posted in Saturday School News

Gone are the days when teachers stand in front of a chalk board, with students writing on a slate. The has been a huge movement within schools to have more up to date ICT facilities. Leading this movement is the number of the interactive Smartboard now seen in classrooms. Unfortunately, the speed at which teachers learn how to use the new technology effectively is much slower than the introduction of the technology. This has led to many interactive Smartboards not being used to their full capacity.

Many students are moving to study centres and private tuition to top up their education, but due to cost restrictions, these locations rarely have access to interactive Smartboards. So how can you as a parent ensure that your child has access to the latest technologies to enhance their educational experience?

Smartboard lessons are a perfect way of delivering dynamic information easily. With smartboard lessons Teachers can present material featuring large, vibrant images. Kinesthetic and visual learners will benefit from interacting with smartboard lesson content – moving letters, numbers, words and pictures with their fingers allowing them to be more involved in the learning experience. Smartboard lessons are also great for students with special needs benefit allowing them to see, read and manipulate information more easily.

Private Tuition Courses In Wigan

The I Teach-UK study centre in Wigan, offers a range of private tuition courses in Wigan. It is run by a fully qualified and experienced teacher, and is one of the few private tuition centres which fully utilises an interactive Smartboard to enhance the learning experience. The I Teach-UK study centre in Wigan offers private tuition courses alongside small group tuition in Wigan. Courses include English, Maths, Science and ICT and are tailored to suit from early years, all the way through to adult tuition courses in Wigan. All the courses are fully supported and enhanced by use of an interactive Smartboard, alongside a learning wall which has been coated in ‘Smart paint’ which allows it to be written on and then wiped off.

The use of new technologies makes private tuition courses held at the I Teach-UK study centre in Wigan both stimulating and rewarding. Did you know that we have a small group Saturday School in Wigan teaching children ages 5 – 16 the fundementals of maths, english, science & ICT. To find out more, click here to visit our contact page and register your interest.


Maths Tuition Calculator Ban at Key Stage 2

Written by I Teach UK Private Tuition on November 19th, 2012. Posted in Educational News

Traditional educators were over joyed last week with the announcement by the government that they plan to ban the use of calculators at Key Stage 2. Maths tests taken by 11 year olds at the end of primary school will have to be completed purely by using mental arithmetic or by using a pen and paper. Education minister Elizabeth Truss believes that the use of calculators have bred a reliance on technology to complete basic sums.

This move has been challenged by National Numeracy, who believe that although children should be taught the basics of mental arithmetic, banning calculators completely, riks turning children off maths altogether as it limits the extent of interest that can be put in to maths questions.

The current maths curriculum suggests the use of calculators from Year 4, and highlights that students should be helped to decide when it is appropriate to use a calcular, but the proposed new curriculum suggests that calculators should only be used after primary school, and only then, if the basics are secure.

Maths Tuition Courses in Wigan

With this new introduction, it is vitally important that parents ensure that their children are fully equipped with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the new curriculum. I Teach-UK offers maths tuition in Wigan for both students and if required for parents. The use of levelled, timed worksheets used during drop in sessions encourages understanding and application of mental arithmetic, whilst private maths tuition can help students to deepen their understanding. During our maths tuition courses in Wigan we encourage students to attempt all mathematical problems using a logical approach. All students are encouraged to use mental arithmetic/pen and paper, and are taught techniques to use to make these processes simple and understandable. Answers may then be checked with a calculator so that corrections can be completed.

I Teach-UK Maths Tuition

I Teach-UK are currently investigating the use of QAMA calculators for use in our maths tuition courses. These calculators require students to enter an estimation of the answer and will only give them the correct answer if their estimation is close to the true value. This offers students who undertake a maths tuition course at our I Teach-UK centre in Wigan the best of both worlds by being able to use a calculator to assist them with the more interesting questions, but does not lead to a reliance on a calculator thus meeting the requirements of the new curriculum without losing interest.

To register your interest in a maths tuition course in Wigan visit our website by clicking here.

Times Are Changing in Maths Tuition

Written by I Teach UK Private Tutors on November 10th, 2012. Posted in Private Tuition News

There was a time when the times tables were learned through repetition and memory. When larger numbers were thrown in to the mix, it was time to learn long multiplication. These days, new techniques have arisen such as the grid method. This technique is so far removed from traditional long multiplication, that it is almost impossible for parents to assist their child with the learning of maths. At times like this it is vital that parents find a quality study centre that is up to date with the latest techniques to assist their child by offering maths tuition.

Maths tuition in Wigan

At I Teach-UK, our Wigan study centre is owned and run by a fully qualified and experienced teacher. It offers a range of maths tuition courses in Wigan.  This allows students to be helped with the current syllabus that they are studying in school using the latest techniques and technologies. Maths tuition is offered at our Wigan study centre as part of drop in sessions, small group maths tuition and private maths tuition in Wigan. Private maths tuition is also offered in your own home.

Adult Private Maths Tuition in Wigan

Many parents would like to help their child themselves instead of finding someone else to offer maths tuition in Wigan, but with all these new techniques, don’t know where to start. I Teach-UK are able to offer adult private maths tuition either to assist you with building your own knowledge to help with everyday life, or to teach you the latest techniques, so you are able to help your child with maths tuition in Wigan.

Saturday School Launching January 2013

Written by I Teach UK Private Tuition on November 2nd, 2012. Posted in Saturday School News

Saturday School Wigan Launching January 2013

What’s your New Years Resolution? Have you got Science and Maths exams coming up? Do you just want to learn something new?

I Teach-UK is launching a new Saturday School in Wigan starting January 2013.

I Teach-UK currently offers  private tuition in Wigan, in a range of subjects, but predominantly focuses on Science, Maths, ICT and English. Due to the high demand, this private tutoring service in Wigan is now being expanded to incorporate a Saturday School. This will be run by an experienced and qualified teacher and will offer both private tuition and small group (max 6 students) tuition at our tutoring centre in Wigan.

Groups will be made up of students studying the same subject at a similar level.  Places are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis. Call/text today on 07928 082748 or email to secure your place now!